Mediju monitorings
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Mediju Monitorings is a Latvian provider of comprehensive media monitoring and analysis service. The company started operating in 2005 as a unit of the BNS Latvia news agency and is part of the BNS group and Alma Media concern. The company has 18 employees with long-term work experience and professional training. The list of clients of Mediju Monitorings includes nearly 50 local and international companies and public sector organisations.

Mediju Monitorings is capable of servicing organisations active in any sphere in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. In order to offer the best solutions, we cooperate with consultation companies and research groups. Because of that, we are ready to offer complex research solutions that include communication analysis, public opinion studies and media monitoring.

As a company offering full media monitoring service, we are able to monitor all types and channels of media. In addition to the Latvian media, we fully cover, with the help of the BNS group subsidiaries, the Latvian and Estonian media and all the most important Scandinavian media channels.


Forms of delivery:

In order to find the specific solution, to determine the aim of monitoring and the need for information, ascertain the necessary channels of information and ask for an offer, contact us by phone, (+371) 67 088 626, mobile (+371) 22 829 489 or e-mail,

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